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Social & Autonomous Robotic health Assistant

SARA is a smart robot that supports health care professionals in their daily tasks in monitoring and maintaining client wellbeing. SARA provides clients with personal attention and specialized care, and has modules for behavior analysis and medication management. Trough analysis of the interactions the robot has with clients, SARA supports care givers in monitoring client wellbeing. The result is a safe, data driven and social environment for caregivers and their clients. More features are developed every day! Together with care institutions in the Netherlands and Finland, we keep working on expansion of functionalities of the robot. Meet SARA and see how our social robot can support you!

About SARA

Care institutions and hospitals in Europe are facing serious staffing shortages. As a result, three out of four nurses is experiencing a problematic workload and high time pressure that holds them for doing what they value most: spending time with their patients. Heavy work pressure has proven to be related to a poor quality of care and incidents such as medication errors. In order to improve the work environment of health care professionals and the wellbeing of their patients, the robot supports them by providing patients with meaningful social interactions specifically designed for certain health conditions like dementia.The problematic work pressure of healthcare professionals drives them to dissatisfaction with their jobs and emotional exhaustion. The workload is crucial to the quality of care, as most incidents, such as medication errors, occur with nurses that experience problematic work pressure. SARA aims to better work and life of healthcare professionals and their patients by creating robotic care assistants. The robot functions as a social entity in nursing homes and hospitals to improve the quality of care. The goal is to reduce the workload of healthcare professionals.


Emmy Rintjema

Product Lead

Kees van het Maalpad

User Research and Experience Design

Serena Dorrestijn

User Research and Experience Design

Annabella Hermans

User Research and Experience Design

Ylaise van den Wildenberg

Data Science

William Lekatompessy

Software Development

Nikita Nikolajev

Software Development

Maartje Claassen-Eradus

Marketing & Communications


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SARA is a product developed by Bright Cape

Bright Cape social robot SARA


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